Underwater Treadmill

Hydro therapy in our underwater treadmill is available for both cats and dogs. Sessions in the treadmill help pets who have an orthopedic injury return to function by improving muscle strength and range of motion as well as improving conditioning and weight management. Many veterinary surgeons suggest starting sessions even before the procedure to begin the conditioning of muscles atrophied by injury. Limb surgeries, neck and back injuries have better outcomes when hydrotherapy treatment is employed.

The buoyancy results in a reduced weight-bearing environment that allows increased function of an injured joint and lessened pain. The water provides resistance to forward motion to strengthen muscles and tendons. The exaggerated gait while walking underwater improves joint flexion greatly increasing the chance of returning to normal function. The warm water facilitates muscle relaxation and tendon stretch while simultaneously providing pain relief. Cats may use the treadmill either in a wet or dry environment, not only for the orthopedic issues but also to aid in weight loss, conditioning and constipation issues. Our veterinary technicians who have had specific training in rehabilitation will carefully develop a plan to treat your pet’s specific condition and needs, and will coordinate with your pet’s orthopedic surgeon for post surgical care.