When is it Time?

The decision regarding the euthanasia of a beloved pet may be the most difficult decision one makes in one’s life. Whatever the decision is, it should be one that you can always look back upon and know that the best decision was made and that you would make the same decision over again in the same situation.

So how do you know if it is time? There are several criteria used in evaluating life quality.

  • Is your pet eating?
  • Is your pet comfortable?
  • Does the pet still enjoy favorite activities?

If you are considering euthanasia, discuss your pet’s condition with one of our veterinarians prior to making a decision.

Present or not present?

This is a personal decision. The choice is yours. Talk to your family and your veternarian to decide the best action for you.

What is the procedure?

At Walden Animal Hospital, appropriate forms must be signed in order for the procedure to take place. If the owner is to be present, an intravenous catheter may be placed. This takes a few minutes and is usually done while the owner pays for the procedure and deals with paperwork. The payment transaction is often done prior to the procedure.

While you are placed in our comfort room to have some privacy, an intravenous catheter is placed and it serves several purposes; the catheter ensures clean access to the vein, even if you are holding your pet. The catheter also allows for a sedative to be administered prior to the euthanasia solution.

After the catheter is placed, the pet re-joins the owner in the comfort room. The owner may spend some last time alone with the pet if desired.

The procedure itself is very fast. The owner is allowed to remain with the pet for final private goodbyes. At the end of this time, after the last goodbyes and caresses are completed, the owner simply exits the room when ready and the hospital staff takes over.

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