Mission Statement

We strive to provide the very best possible veterinary care to our patients. We create partnerships between our clients, their pets and our veterinary health care team. The first step is communicating all of the options in open and honest dialogue. We do this while respecting the values of our clients. Our goal is to provide a cooperative approach to the health of our patients. The Walden Animal Hospital is dedicated to the cycle of education. Our team is always learning and teaching. This allows us to honour the profession of veterinary medicine. We always advocate for the well-being of animals in both health care and ethical treatment.

Education and action is the key to stronger human-animal bonds. Our mandate is to enhance the lives of our patients and this beautiful community of Greater Sudbury.

Pet Care Aimed at Excellence Provided By Walden Animal Hospital

Walden Animal Hospital has provided compassionate care and veterinary services for over 30 years for pets in the Greater Sudbury area. Our hospital, owned and operated by Dr. Carolyn Devries Larivieres caters to the health and well-being for dogs, cats as well as many other animals.

Our unique approach is that our clients can reach us at any time of day, seven days a week. We are here to help anyone concerned about their pet’s health. One of our veterinarians will be alerted and will answer or return calls within twenty minutes.

Walden Animal Hospital maintains a long history of excellence with extensive hospital services and caring attention that cover all areas of pet care. Our Walden veterinary staff makes sure to encompass all aspects of pet care by continually expanding our services.

Walden Animal Hospital Details

Our hospital is completely digital. This allows us to easily reach out to specialists through remote services as well as keeping extensive patient files at the click of a button.

Our hospital is one of the largest In the North. We have four full time veterinarians and keep late and weekend hours for appointments. Our hospital is a modern and spacious facility with state of the art diagnostic equipment and treatment modalities.

We are AAHA accredited. This means we have to pass regular on-site evaluations. This keeps our practice operating at the highest standards of veterinary care in North America.

Our after-hours emergency services are also unique. When a client works with us the services will be rendered here at our hospital. There is no need to travel to see an unknown doctor or hospital.

We have visiting specialists including an ophthalmologist and a board certified surgeon that travels from Southern Ontario to use our hospital regularly.